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Analyst thoughts: Brent oil $


  • The illustrated view of a P*Q bottoming pattern, followed by an impulsive upside to at least R2, remains valid.

  • The recent test and reversal of P* has further confirmed the P*Q bottoming pattern.

  • The illustrated outlook of a final down leg E off P* to Q is retained, but there is a probability that the bottoming is complete. The recent breach of S0 could be an early signal.

  • A sharp break of P* will neutralise the interim downside potential and activate the 1,2,3,4,5 gains.

  • S2* is important for the bottoming stance.

Target and re-assessment levels

View negated: S2*

Primary trend: A bull trend to R2

Prevailing trend: Downside off P* to S1

Technical rating: Medium

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