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Analysis: Impala Platinum & Anglo American Platinum

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Pre-Market, Tuesday 15 August 2023

In the property market, buyers often 'pay for the view'. When it comes to a perspective on the market or a particular share, it is often the same where a view can either help one of to make money and/or manage risk by avoiding a share.

While it might be unfashionable to publish monthly charts in a fast-paced world, 'zooming out' has given me the ability to offer a perspective that has helped clients manage risk.

Here's the score:

The AMS share price is down by 65% from March 2021.

The IMP share price is down by 60% from May 2021.

For an enlarged view, click on the arrows in the top right corner of the image

AMS March 2021

IMP May 2021

IMP. New multi-year low for the share, heading for a print below R100 (yesterday’s low = 10244c). We have seen strong downside follow-through over the 4 months with the most recent major medium term signal being the price crossing below it’s 200-Week SMA in a similar manner to the signal seen in September 2008 - highlighted on 08 April at 15998c (see below).

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Lester Davids

Analyst: Unum Capital

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