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Analyst Thoughts: Bitcoin Medium-Term


  • The overall bullish stance is materialising, as illustrated. The impulsive bull trend from point 0 has further potential to T1 and eventually T2. Gains are likely to be volatile with intermittent corrections as the trend starts to unwind.

  • The expected PK flag pattern is in a mature stage of development, as part of the larger bull trend and renewed gains to T1.

  • The W,X,Y type correction off T1 to S1* will still be part of the general bull trend that is expected to be completed around T2.

  • The eventual meaningful downside to S2 and beyond is likely on completion of the bull trend to the eventual T2 target.

Target and Re-assessment Levels:

Pivotal Levels: K*

Primary Trend: Gains to T1, and eventually to T2 followed by downside to S2*

Prevailing Trend: Ongoing PK* correction

Technical Rating: Medium

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