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Foretelling Friday: Exciting Times for SA Inc Stocks

Last week, we saw an impressive rally in SA Inc. stocks, particularly among banks, driven by the business-friendly coalition GNU agreement that strengthened the rand. This boost has been positive for banks and retailers, which benefit from a stronger currency.

In the coming weeks, we expect clarity on policies, potentially sustaining this momentum.

We maintain our bullish perspective on this sector. Will this rally continue?

Top 5 banks – Equally weighted.


What are your thoughts on SA Inc. post GNU agreement? Join the conversation by participating in the poll on our social media platforms. We look forward to hearing from you!

1.      Will continue to rally.

2.      The upward momentum has already been priced in.

3.      We will see a pullback this week.

As always, Unum Trade is here as your Profit Partner to help you navigate as we ride out the week together.


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