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Key markets

The analysis might be incorrect due to some news events that occurred since the analysis was posted.

  • Price action is the movement of a market's price plotted over time and forms the basis for all technical analyses of an index, shares, commodity or other asset charts.

  • The grey line to each market is the anticipated price action that is expected to unfold in the foreseeable future and is independent of time.

  • Please note the following symbols and phrases that will be used for each graph:

  • The "trend" is the price level where a change in trend direction from bullish to bearish and vice versa might occur.

  • The "target" is the most expected price target (profit target) that might be reached with the current analysis (view) remaining intact.

  • The "stop" indicates the price level at which the current technical view or stance will be negated (stop-loss).

  • The "increase exposure" indicates the price level, whereby one might increase some exposure.

Major indices

S&P 500 index

US Nasdaq index

Top 40 Index

VIX index

  • The reference VIX (CBOE) volatility index measures the level of risk, fear, or stress in the market when making trading decisions.


Gold $

Brent $


Bitcoin $

USD/ZAR X-rate

EUR/USD X-rate

GBP/USD X-rate

AUD/USD X-rate

  • The AUD/USD will highlight risk-on and risk-off scenarios for the equity market in general.

  • Risk-on is currently applicable, with caution.

Chart of the day

Harmony GM Co Ltd (HAR)

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