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Nvidia set to hit record highs on Thursday!

Nvidia Corp (NVDA:NASDAQ), the third largest US company by market cap, and key member of the Magnificent 7, is set to report its earnings for the fiscal first quarter of 2025 after the bell on Wednesday. Earnings are set to beat market expectations and we intend to run LONG the counter into the earnings announcement.

Beating Expectations and Poised to Test $1000

NVIDIA's shares have surged approximately 90.5% since the start of the year, closing at $950.30 on Monday evening. This stellar performance highlights strong investor confidence and NVIDIA's dominant position in the AI and tech sectors. The stock is set to test the $1000 level, driven by impressive earnings and robust market positioning.

Anticipated Financial Highlights:

Revenue: Expected to be $24.65 billion, up from $22.1 billion in Q4 FY24 and $7.19 billion in Q1 FY24.

Net Income: Projected at $12.87 billion, compared to $12.29 billion in Q4 FY24 and $2.04 billion in Q1 FY24.

Earnings Per Share (EPS): Forecasted to be $5.17, a significant increase from $0.82 in the year-ago period.

Stock chart showing Nvidia Corporation's (NVDA: NASDAQ) performance from February to May. The chart highlights a steady upward trend with notable peaks and troughs. The stock is currently trading around $950, having tested the resistance level near $990, and follows an ascending support line.

Act Now to Maximize Gains

To capitalize on this opportunity, it's crucial to enter the position before the market starts to move. If you have an account with us, place your trade or contact us to execute your instruction. If you don't have an account, reach out to us so we can help you get started.

Don't Miss Out

NVIDIA's potential for growth makes this a prime investment opportunity. Contact us at +27 11 384 2900 or to set up an account or execute your trade.

As always, Unum Trade, your Profit Partner to help you navigate this promising market movement and maximize your investment returns.

Act now to ride NVIDIA's wave to $1000 and beyond!

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