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  • Lester Davids

Recognizing Opportunity and Managing Risk. DSY As An Example.

At 09:40am this morning, the company released a voluntary trading statement which prompted strong buying of it's share. The move aligned with the automated commentary, which, at the close of trade on Thursday, stated the following:

"Reward-to-risk becoming attractive for a small buy/long position" (see below).

Clients were also alerted to the following research comment:

Follow-up chart following the company's trading statement. As always, I wanted to account for further downside as weakness can persistent, but it turned at the right time, as per the data. No model is 100% accurate but it does act as a guide to finding opportunity and managing risk.

In the new few weeks, I hope to compile additional examples of how you are able to use the data to find potential opportunities and manage risk.

Lester Davids

Analyst: Unum Capital

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