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  • Lester Davids

Research: Insights & Opportunities - Wednesday, 06 March 2024

Updated: Mar 6

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Lester Davids

Analyst: Unum Capital


➡️ 13h20 | Treasury Inflation Protected Bonds (TIPS) vs Traditional/Nominal Bonds (IEF)

➡️ 12h43 | JSE Top 40 Index Sentiment

➡️ 09h54 | NYSE Highs/Lows | NYSE ‘new lows’ and ‘new 5-day lows’ list is starting to increase while the ‘new highs’ and ‘new 5-day highs’ list is starting to decrease. This development highlights underlying market weakness.

Click here to view the data =>

➡️ 06h30 | HAR Harmony Gold | Click here to view the chart + rating and comment =>

➡️ 06h30 | AVI Ltd | REVERSAL FROM OVERHEAD RESISTANCE | Deteriorating candle structure at the previously highlighted long term overhead resistance zone. As also previously noted, the share was extended by 2x it’s 10-year average versus it’s 200-day SMA. This extension is starting to unwind.        

Click here to view the chart =>

➡️ 06h30 | JSE Technology vs JSE Top 40 Index | RELATIVE REGIME LOWS  | On a relative basis (vs the Top 40 Index), the JSE equally-weighted technology is trading at it’s November regime lows, meaning that the sector is as oversold versus the broader market as it was in November.          

Click here to view the chart =>

➡️ 06h30 | Technical Summary: Mid & Large Caps, as of Yesterday's close.

To view the technical summary, click here =>


➡️ 06h30 | JSE Relative Sector Regimes, as of yesterday’s close. To view the data set click on the following links: Chart #1 | Chart #2 | Chart #3


➡️ 06h30 | Tactical Trading Guide (Share Commentary): Largest 40 Shares By Market Cap. Click here to access the data set =>




Tactical Trading Guide

Technology and proprietary Insights has helped to develop automated tools and strategies that are used to identify potential trading opportunities as well as highlight potentially significant technical developments across various time frames. This readings are also available as a live tool via this telegram group and which is able to retrieve price analysis for most global shares. The data set provides automated price analysis for the 3 major time frames: short (short term), medium (medium term) and long (long term). Readings are subject to change, based on the development of the subsequent price action.

This tool helps clients determine and shed light on the following:

➜ Whether the reward-to-risk is attractive for a buy/long position?.

➜ Whether a share is weak or if aggressive buying is underway.

➜ Whether a trader can look to buy a pullback into a key moving average (continuation trade).

➜ Whether a share needs to break a range for a new trend to be determined (bullish or bearish).

➜ Whether a traders needs to monitor for a change of character that could lead to a bullish or bearish reversal.

➜ Whether a share could start a consolidation phase.

➜ Whether the upward momentum is slowing (if it's in a bullish phase).

➜ Whether buyers can look to 'phase in' to a position (if it's in a bearish phase).

➜ Whether a share lacks directional bias.

For more examples on how this tool has helped clients gain insights, click on the following article which uses MTN, MNP, TBS, SBK, DSY, TKG, MTM, HAR, GFI, IMP as actual/real-time examples.

Lester Davids

Analyst: Unum Capital


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