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Foretelling Friday Update: SA Inc. Stocks Surge with Market Rally

Last week, we saw an impressive rally in SA Inc. stocks, particularly among banks, driven by the business-friendly coalition GNU agreement that strengthened the rand.

This boost has been positive for banks and retailers, which benefit from a stronger currency. The markets continued to rally this week, with SA Inc. stocks performing exceptionally well.

On Tuesday, the J200 (Top 40) index rose over 3%, reflecting the strong momentum in the market. This positive trend will likely be sustained as we anticipate further clarity on upcoming policies. We maintain our bullish perspective on this sector.

Top 5 banks- Equally-weighted

For those who participated in our poll on our social media platforms and predicted the rally would continue, you were spot on!

As always, Unum Trade is here as your Profit Partner, guiding you through each week’s market journey.


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