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Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index: A Diversified Path to Investment Success.

In the ever-evolving world of investments, achieving capital growth while managing risks is a universal goal. It's an objective that investors share worldwide, and it is precisely what the Unum Capital Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index aims to achieve. 

What is the Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index?

The Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index, represented by the short code YUQLTQ, is a unique and innovative Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) that offers an unparalleled opportunity for investors to participate in global markets actively. It stands out through its dynamic, systematic multi-faceted investment approach. 

Strategy and Investment Mandate

The Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index sets out with a dual goal: to achieve capital growth capital and outperformance of the  All-Countries World Index (ACWI) over the medium to long-term. It does so, by strategically changing the weightings in its key components, which encompass regional, sectoral, and factorial components. 


At the core of the strategy is the concept of dynamic allocation. The Index invests in shares and ETFs from various sectors, regions, and factors, with allocation decisions, relative to the ACWI benchmark based on a mechanistic, systematic modelling methodology.  

Overseeing the Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index is Portfolio Manager Ernest Adriaan Lodewyk Jansen, who brings a wealth of expertise to the role. His extensive knowledge of global markets and his dynamic approach to asset allocation underpin the Index's performance.  

Benchmark: All Countries World Index (ACWI Index) 

The benchmark against which the Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index measures its performance is the All-Countries World Index (ACWI Index). This global benchmark provides a solid point of reference for evaluating the Index's returns. 

Diverse Underlying Instrument Types

The Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index is invested in a variety of underlying instrument types. These include shares, ETFs, and cash. The diverse range of instruments offers flexibility and adaptability within the investment strategy. 

A Mechanistic, Systematic Modelling Methodology

At the heart of the Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index's strategy is a mechanistic, systematic modelling methodology. This approach ensures that investment decisions are driven by a disciplined and structured process, minimizing emotional and subjective influences. 

Low Management Fees

The Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index is a cost-effective investment solution, with a management fee of only 0.40%. This competitive fee structure makes it an attractive option for investors seeking efficient and economical exposure to global markets. 

Accessibility via your Trading Account 

Investors can access the Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index through most trading platforms, offering ease of access - ask your stock-broker. 

The Benefits of Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) 

Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) like the Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index offer a range of benefits for investors: 

  • Asset Allocation Diversification: AMCs provide diversification across various asset classes, sectors, and geographies. This diversification can help manage risk and enhance potential returns. 

  • Cost-Effective: AMCs often come with lower management fees compared to traditional mutual funds, enhancing cost-efficiency for investors. 

  • Access to Experienced Portfolio Managers: AMC investors benefit from the expertise of seasoned portfolio managers who actively adjust the portfolio in response to market conditions. 

  • Tailored Solutions for Investors: AMCs offer tailored investment solutions designed to meet specific objectives and risk profiles. 

The Unum Worldwide Tetra Alpha Index is more than just an investment opportunity; it's a strategic approach to capital appreciation that adapts to an ever-changing financial landscape. By focusing on dynamic allocation, systematic modelling, and expert portfolio management, it presents a path to global investment success, making it a valuable addition to Unum Capital's product line-up. 

Contact our Trading Desk to explore the innovative world of AMCs.


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